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Financial Freedom

7 Simple Time Management Tips

Let’s be honest, time is money and nowadays people don’t have much time anymore. Everything is faster and the world is getting smaller. Think about it. You are probably reading this article halfway around the world from where it was written. How amazing is that? On the downside, everything happens way too fast. Clients can …

Financial Freedom

5 Ultimate Self-Motivation tips

The path to success has one key factor…Motivation. If you have the required motivation, together with perseverance, there is no doubt that you will be successful in whatever it is that you want to achieve. The only problem is, that it is not always possible to stay motivated. Part of the journey to success is …

Financial Freedom

Be Your Own Boss From Home: Why?

Be your own boss from home

This might seem like a funny question for┬ásome. I mean, everyone wants to be their own boss and work from home, right? Well, this is definitely true for most people out there. Most people dread weekday-mornings, going to work and doing a job they hate. They truly live for the weekends and if you’re reading …

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: Blog And Invest

A lot of you might be wondering why I chose blogging and real estate investment as my two options for financial freedom. Well, these two ideas came after years of searching for the “perfect job”. I came to the conclusion that I want something where I have the freedom to work from where I want …