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Free SEO Keyword Research tool: Jaaxy

If you are someone who wants to make a success of blogging, then you have most probably heard of search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords? Not yet? Well, SEO is basically the optimization of your site in order to get better free rankings in search engines. This boils down to the process of getting search …


Why Is My Website Not Ranking?

Okay, so you’ve done all your necessary homework and written a few great blog posts but still, you ask the question, why is my website not ranking? Over the last couple of years, blogging has become a lot more competitive. It is difficult to get the exact number, but according to WordPress, there are more …


How To Write A Blog Introduction That Sells

Write a blog post introduction

To write a blog introduction that catches your reader’s attention and gets him to continue reading means the hard work is done and now you only have to focus on keeping them there to do further reading. The introduction to any blog post is the make or break. If you can’t get your reader hooked in your introduction, the …


How To Get More Traffic For Your Blog-The Easy Way!

This is probably the most talked about topic in the blogging world. Everybody wants to know how to get more traffic on their blog. Why? Because traffic equals money. The more traffic you can get to your blog, the bigger the chances of you making money with it. The most important thing to remember when …


Is It Possible To Rank With A Free Website? YES!

So you’ve just started out with your very first blog/website and decided to use a free package for now. You don’t know whether it is the right choice to go for the free package and whether or not you will be able to get visitors to your site. Well, I have good news for you…Not only will …