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7 Simple Time Management Tips

Let’s be honest, time is money and nowadays people don’t have much time anymore.

Everything is faster and the world is getting smaller. Think about it. You are probably reading this article halfway around the world from where it was written. How amazing is that?

On the downside, everything happens way too fast. Clients can get hold of you 24/7. Your boss can put you on a plane and within a few hours, you can be in a different country. How scary is that?

With technology growing exponentially we don’t have enough hours in a day anymore. The best thing we can do is start managing our time effectively.

Below are my 7 simple time management tips in order to get some more free time for yourself.

1. Sleeping is important

That’s correct. In order to get more done, you need to get your 7-8 hours of sleep.

Not only will you be able to operate better during the day, but research has shown that you will also live a healthier life. It will reduce the risk of getting any illnesses, better control your hunger levels, etc.

Try to set a fixed alarm every day in order to force yourself to go to bed early. I know you think you can get away with less sleep, but your body won’t agree.

2. Use a schedule that fits your lifestyle

Figure out a schedule that works for you.

Try to set out your week according to a schedule. I know it’s not always possible to stick to it, but it is important to try. By making use of a schedule you will quickly see when you will able to get something done or not.

A schedule will also help you set realistic goals. By setting goals and achieving them, it will help you to stay motivated. This is a very important aspect if you want to be successful.

3. Say no!

Now you might think this is a weird thing to say, but we are only human. We can only do so much.

If you are going say yes to every single thing that comes your way, you are going to end up not having enough time for yourself. I can assure you that the other person will understand if you say no, once or twice.

If you don’t remember a single tip, just remember this one. This is the most crucial one of my simple time management tips. A lot of people go wrong here and then they don’t understand why they don’t have time available.

If someone asks you for something, take a second to think whether you will benefit from this or how important this is and then make your decision.

4. Get rid of distractions

Okay, so you finally get time to do your work, but you are constantly interrupted by phone calls or people knocking on your door. This can affect your productivity.

Whenever you get a chance to sit and work, try to get rid of any distractions, even if it is just for an hour or two. Put your cell phone on silent and turn it around, close your door and ask your colleagues not to bother you, close your mail. These are all things you can do to eliminate distractions.

5. Start early, end early

Wake up and start working an hour earlier. We are all much more productive in the mornings. This means you will get more done than what you will in the afternoons.

By starting your work earlier you will also have fewer distractions.

If you are not a morning person, I can understand. I will suggest that you try to get into a routine of waking up earlier. It will have a great influence on your productivity. You can also start exercising in the mornings. This will wake you up and get the blood pumping.

6. Take breaks

By taking regular breaks you will end up being much more productive in the long run. The chances of you getting demotivated or discouraged are less.

Breaks also help you clear your mind. It also gives your subconscious time to work. This way, if there was something that you were struggling with, you are most likely to figure it out while on a break.

7. Focus on one task at a time

You will take forever to get something done if you’re trying to do a bit of everything. Focus on one task at a time.

Once that task is done, then only should you move on to the next one. It is very important to work like this otherwise, it will feel as if you are not getting anything done.


These 7 simple time management tips are what I use on a day to day basis to help me get everything done. It also allows me to have more spare time to do the things that I want.

I hope that these tips could help you to become a bit more time efficient. If you have something to add, please feel free to leave a comment.

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