Writing A Good Blog Post: What Do I Need To Know?

If you’ve just started out blogging or you’ve even been blogging for a while but are still not too sure how to write a good blog post, you’ve come to the right place.

Writing a good blog post is really not that difficult and I see a lot of people overthinking it. The key is to just write what you feel at the moment and worry about the rest later. Don’t spend too much time thinking of how to construct your sentences or how the words are going to flow into each other, just get the words down and worry about the editing later.

I’ve compiled a list of key points to help you write that perfect post. These tips are also SEO friendly so they will help you rank better in google.

1. Know your topic and stay on track

First of all, you’ve got to know what you are talking about. If you’re going to write an article about electronic gadgets then you have to do the necessary research to fully understand the gadget you are talking about.

You are going to get to a point in your blogging stage where you will attract a lot of readers per day and they are on your blog because of the specific niche you chose. If you are in the gadget niche, they most probably know a lot about the gadgets that you write about and if your post is going to be untrue, they will not come back to your blog because the information is false.

You should also remember to stay on track. When writing a long post it is easy to get sidetracked and start talking about something different. If you start writing about a robotic dog, then the whole post should be about that dog.

2. Always write an introduction

This might sound like a silly tip but believe me, some people still don’t make use of an introduction. They just start writing away.

The whole reason for writing an introduction is to get the attention of your reader. If there’s no introduction or it is poorly constructed then the reader will leave and read the next blog on his google results. If on the other hand, you have an attention-grabbing intro, the reader will continue reading and the chances of the blog post being shared are very good. We all know that more shares = more readers.

3. Make use of headings and subheadings

Headings not only make it easy for the reader to find what they’re looking for but search engines also love it. People nowadays don’t like to read to much, that is why we have things like Instagram and Tumblr. It is much better to look at a picture than to read. But sometimes it is necessary to read. For instance, when you need information or just want to learn more about something. That is when headings make it really easy. It makes it easy for the reader to scan through the post to the place that interests them. They can just read that paragraph and continue to where they need more information.

When using headings and sub-headings, it is your choice as to which size you want to use. I personally don’t like heading 1 because it looks a bit too big on my posts, so I make use of heading 3 for my main headings and heading 4 for sub-headings. The size you use is entirely up to you. (These headings refer to WordPress headings).

4. Keep your paragraphs short

Like headings, it is always good to write in paragraphs. It helps the reader in a way that they don’t have to focus continually on one paragraph for ten minutes at a time.

I always try to break the paragraphs at sensible places. I don’t make random paragraphs just when and where I feel like it. Try to keep your paragraphs to a maximum of 8-10 sentences long. This way you will limit your paragraphs to an easily readable length.

I’ve learned that people get bored if they’re reading too long on the same paragraph. I know I am the same. I like to scan through sentences and only read the parts that are appealing to me or that I need to know.

5. Don’t overthink it

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people tend to overthink it when writing a blog post. When you start to overthink things you forget about valuable information that was in your head. That is why I always say, just write what you are thinking and do the editing later. This way, you write down everything that you think about and no information or thoughts get lost.

What I normally do when writing a blog post is, I Start with my title. Once I have a catchy title that will grab reader’s attention I do the necessary research that will help me write the post. Once my research is done, I just start writing. I write down everything that I think of at that moment, with the research that I did, in the bank of my mind. Once I think I’m done, I go through my whole post and edit my work. I will also reconstruct my sentences so that it reads better.

6. Add images to your blog post

Adding images to your blog post could make it less bland and more attention-grabbing to your readers. Like I said, we are in an era where people don’t like to read and would rather look at images with short descriptions. If you make use of images in your blog post that is relevant, your readers can easily scan through your post to where they want to be.

If you do it correctly and write that bit of information in such a way that the reader will want more, I can guarantee you that they will end up reading your whole blog post. So, the bottom line is, add images that will appeal to your reader, then make sure you write your content so that it will grab their attention.

It is not always necessary to add images but I will suggest to at least have a featured image on your post.


If you want to be writing a good blog post, my main advice to you will be not to overthink it. Just write. You can always go back to your post and edit it or add a bit more information.

Also, structure your paragraphs in such a way so that it is easy for your readers to focus on what you are saying and keep them captivated.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or simply leave a comment and I will be glad to assist.

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