How To Choose A Blog Niche

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, the first you are going to have to do is find a niche. What is a niche you might ask? Well, a niche is basically what you will be writing about on your blog. This could be anything you can think of, from fitness, food, clothes or even space.

By having a niche, your blog will be focused on a specific topic, rather than trying to cover everything. You can even have two or three niches covered on your blog but it is advised to try and keep it as narrowed down as possible. This way you will have a perfect targeted audience.

One of the steps that people struggle with the most when they’re starting a blog is how to choose a blog niche. Below you will find my tips on choosing that perfect niche.

Choose something you’re passionate about

This is a very important point.

When you’re going to start blogging, you are going to spend months and even years writing in your specific niche. If you choose a niche just for the sake of choosing a niche, you will soon find that it will get boring because the passion is not there. If on the other hand, you choose something you’re passionate about, it will be very easy for you to stay committed to your blog.

I always say you should try and find something that you are involved with on a weekly base or something that you do regularly. Whether it is the gym, hiking, knitting or helping people overcome their fears. The choice is yours.

Choosing something you love, will also cause you to be more willing to work on your blog because you enjoy what you write about.

Think carefully about your passions and choose accordingly.

What do people want to read about?

To choose a niche that you know a lot of people want to read about will mean that you will possibly get quite a good following (provided that your posts are any good). If your niche is going to be something like underwater juggling, you will most definitely not get that many people to read your posts, except if underwater juggling becomes a major trend or a new Olympics event.

You should just watch out not to enter in a niche that is heavy saturated. Take for instance fitness. This is a very trending topic at the moment, so the competition is very steep. If you’re going to enter this niche, you should try and see what you can bring that is new and fresh. People like something that is different.

Try and see what the competition is doing and how you can improve on their work or put your stamp on it.

Find a sustainable topic

If you write about something that is happening now, but will not be in a year or two, your writing material will start to decrease and so will your readers.

It is very important to find a niche which you know you will still be able to write about in 5 to 10 years’ time. This way, WHEN (positive thoughts) you make it big, you know it will be sustainable.

If you think about it, for most topics you will be able to write about for a long time to come. It is just a matter of whether or not the people will want to read about it. That is the real question.

Choose a niche that can be profitable

Let’s be honest, most of us blog in order to earn some form of money. Whether it is for some extra cash or to earn a living, we all want something out of it.

Now I know you won’t be able to say whether or not a niche will be profitable before you even start, but you can get more or less of an idea. Going back to the underwater juggling remark. By choosing a niche like this, you won’t have many readers, meaning you will probably not be making any money. Readers=money. The more readers you have, the more is your chances of actually making money with your blog.

If monetizing your blog is not in the equation, then you can forget about this tip. But let’s be honest, we can all do with a bit of extra cash in our pockets or a salary replacement. That is after all what Be Your Own Boss From Home is all about.


If you wonder how to choose a blog niche, it’s simple. Just follow these tips that I’ve given you here and you will definitely be fine. The most important thing to remember is that you’ve got to love what you are doing. Passion is everything.

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